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Woodland High School Mission Statement:

"Working Together To Empower All Students To Be Self Sufficient, Life Long Learners And Achievers"


 Woodland High School Parent Night! 

On Monday, April 30th at 6 pm, Woodland High School will hold a parent meeting to establish the Parent Teacher Organization for the 2018-2019 school year. Parents who are willing to serve as a PTO officer should contact the school office at 256-449-2315 and notify Mrs. Meadows or Ms. Crawley as soon as possible! 






To Access iNow Click Here. If you do not have access to iNow please contact the main office and they will assist you. 





 Pre-K News!

Pre-K Site Code: 589436


First Class Pre-K Registration will be an online process this year.  We appreciate your cooperation and enthusiasm as we move our processes online for accessibility, ease of use, and accuracy of data collection.  

The online forms are available in English and Spanish.  They can be completed on any wi-fi enabled desk computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone.  

Steps for Pre-registration to obtain applications for your Random Selection:


1.      Open the attached spreadsheet for your region. 


2.      Locate the name: Woodland High School and SITE CODE (589436) for your site.  This code must be entered by the parent into the online form for each child registering.



Pre-registration Form in English  = 


Pre-registration Form in Spanish = 



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