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School Information

Woodland High School was founded on the basis of "Education First."

The mission of Woodland High School is " Working together to empower all students to be self sufficient, life long learners and achievers."

The faculty and staff of Woodland High School work to instill in every student a sense of responsibility to our country and community and to prepare students to be functional and productive citizens in business, industry, technical school, or college upon the completion of high school.

At Woodland we teach fundamental basics along with essential life skills needed to survive in the world. Teachers not only teach lessons in a textbook but also teach students how to use the subjects they were taught in the real world.

The strength of Woodland High School is it's strong bond with the community. Woodland's student-teacher ratio is relatively low. This advantage gives students a chance to become better acquainted with the teacher. The teacher can also become better acquainted with the parents of the students and work collaboratively and cooperatively for the success of students.

Construction for Woodland High School began in the summer of 1928. The first class of Woodland High School began in the fall of 1929  with an enrollment of only eight pupils; four boys and four girls. That year, Joel Yates was voted Most Outstanding Student. Enrollment for the class of 1930 grew, but still had only fifteen students. However, Woodland did have a very strong football team that year. In 1930, the honor of Most Outstanding Student was bestowed on Levis Wilson.

Woodland High School burned in the summer of 1952. What is now considered the "old gym" and old original classrooms were built in 1954. The next additions were classrooms that were built around the old gym in 1976;  three additional classrooms were built in 1981. The vocational building was remodeled in 1985. A football field and concession stand were built in 1978-79. The 1999 Basketball Teams received the honor of being the first to play in Woodland's newly constructed gymnasium.  A new elementary building consisting of 15 additional classrooms has been constructed in two separate phases. The Woodland Athletic Club built a new field house for the football team. In 2012 a new lunchroom "The Bobcat Cafe" was built on campus.

In the fall of 2001, Woodland High School had the honor of receiving accreditation by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), an honor it has maintained ever since.

In April, 2006, the school honored previous principal, Crawford Haynes, by dedicating the newly renovated elementary building to his memory.  The building was originally built in 1939, the year that Principal Haynes came to Woodland.

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