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Woodland School Alumni Association

Scholarship Awards
Scholarship Awards


    Whether you are a graduate of Woodland High School or you attended for only a few years, you have a unique perspective about our school. Since your graduation from WHS your life has certainly changed and you have many new friends spread across the world, however, WHS is still in the business of providing academics and life education to prepare students for success in life. We want to contribute to that education process.

During the past two years the Woodland Alumni Association has given six scholarships to graduating seniors totaling $8000.00, contributed $1800.00 for needed school supplies, sponsored a Woodland school reunion combined with a barbecue plate sale and silent auction, participated in Woodland Founders Day, provided and installed a new much needed safety hand-rail on the football stadium seating area. We've also had many fund raisers to support all this.

We want to do more including being involved with Career Day at WHS that compliments the school-to-career program to provide career learning experiences for students as they consider options for their future.  Speakers from many different professions can be a tremendous asset for students making transition from high school to college or trade school or directly into the work force.  I realize that today that there are many opportunities for seniors to access information about career opportunities, however nothing can replace life experiences.  We want WHS graduates to be the best they can be.

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