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Bobcat Cafe

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We look forward to serving your child a healthy breakfast and lunch each and every day. Breakfast costs $0.75 and lunch costs $2.15.  If your child qualifies for reduced prices, breakfast costs $.30 and lunch costs $.40. 

We encourage you to prepay your child’s meals. Randolph County Schools offers two prepayment options. You may prepay meals using your credit/debit card or bank account by setting up an account through or you can also make a payment by sending to your child’s school. Even if you do not use the online system to prepay, we encourage you to register your student(s) and set email alerts for low account balances offered to you as a free service. This method allows you to keep up with payments made and know when and what your child spends money on in the school lunchroom. You may prepay for the entire year or for as much time as you wish. Unused money at the end of the school year will be credited toward your child’s account for the following school year.



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