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Student Council

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Student Council Officers

2011-2012 Student Council Officers
2011-2012 Student Council Officers

President- Alyce McCain

Vice-Presidents- Kimberly Daniel, John David Jacobs

Secretary- Christian Burroughs

Treasurer- Kanisha Mitchell

Reporter- Jessica Smith


12th grade- Scott Carpenter, Ashley Burgess

11th grade- Christina Cofield, Nick Dukus

10th grade- Jaide Walker, Trae Messer

9th grade- Taylor Striblin, Lane Mitchell

8th grade- Luke Rice, Alyssa Bailey

7th grade- Alejandra Melgarejo, Jessica Yarbrough

6th grade- Dustin Pirkle, Destiney Bailey

Purpose: The student Council of Woodland High School is both a legislative and a service organization seeking to improve bothe the students and Woodland High School.

1. To serve as a communication link between the student body and the administration and as a sounding board to voice student opinion.

2. To set up an organization that will suggest rules and regulations for the betterment of the school.

3. To promote practices of good citizenship and harmonious relations throughout the school.

4. To sponsor service projects that will imporve the school or help the student body in some aspect.

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